Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peoria Fine Art Fair-this weekend!

Wowzie! I am honored to have been chosen as the poster Artist for this year...I don't think a jewelry Artist has ever been chosen...a BIG THANK YOU to Peoria Art Guild. I am also freaked and a wee bit intimidated that yard signs, postcards and 15 BILLBOARDS have my piece titled, "Down Under" on them. This is truly a gem of an art fair! Why? As an Artist this community buys art...as an Artist you are treated very well by the dedicated and fun, fun Peoria Art Guild staff and the many volunteers! You can find me in booth #73 this weekend...look for the girl with a big handmade glass bead necklace on and the biggest smile! My jewelry cases will be well stocked...I have been crazy busy replenishing from another successful St. Louis Art Fair! Hope to see you this weekend in Peoria, IL!

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