Tuesday, December 22, 2009

End of year resolution!

For the rest of 2009 I resolve to update my blog! O.k., that being said...I resolve in 2010 to continually update my blog!!!

Why you ask? Who cares? Well, according to my blog stats lots of folks around the globe regularly read my blog and that's a good thing, I guess!

My blog is the social media outlet that I am the most comfortable with...I have a facebook page (maryvsmith) and tweet to my twitter (maryvsmith) but my blog is where I can post info/location of art fairs in will be in, gallery representation and my glass beadmaking teaching schedule.

2009 was a crazy busy successful year...hence the looong spans between blog updates! Really a good, legit excuse! Every art fair that I participated in...57th Street (Chicago, Il), Des Moines Art Festival (Des Moines, IA), St. Louis Art Fair (St. Louis, MO) and Peoria Fine Art Fair (Peoria, IL)...all were good for me. Good sales...new friends...time to reconnect, share a laugh and a beverage with old friends! Life is good!

Enough said...see you in 2010!

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